Ali and Fatou - Location Shoot

I love on locations family sessions. Why? Everything is your background. The flexibility to move around and explore your surrounds. It also enables clients to feel more relaxed and therefore capturing those candid shots that seem so natural. Ali was a natural in front of the camera. I think I can get away with saying he isn't your typical 4 year old that most photographers spend hours just trying to get them to stay in the shot! He listened to any instructions I gave him, and followed them with little difficulty. 

Fatou (Mummy) was also great, and used every opportunity to be a model for an hour! She enjoyed every moment. She was able to ignore the cold weather, and was all smiles for the camera! Here are a few highlights from the day!

Vicky and Yulia

I was so excited about shooting the wedding of Vicky and his wife Yulia. It was a small intimate wedding with close family and friends, and the weather was just perfect. The first thing I noticed was how photogenic Yulia was! I hardly needed to pose her, as she already knew exactly what style she wanted, and had come well prepared. As you can see, Yulia was a beautiful bride. Baby bump and all! Vicky may not have been as photogenic, but that certainly did not stop him from shining! They were both so welcoming and friendly, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for choosing me to capture such special memories. 

30th Birthday Celebration - Stephanie

I was asked to be the formal photographer for a birthday event, and was looking forward to the shoot. Little did I know when I arrived, that it was a surprise birthday event, and Stephanie (Birthday girl) had no idea that her husband had arranged the surprise!
It was a pleasure to see close family and friends come together to help celebrate such a special day. I was able to capture smiles, laughter and some dancing!
I was enjoy seeing happy faces, and with events, I can always capture lots of candid moments. It truly was great being around such a lovely bunch!


Photoshoot with Mini and Family -

It was  a beautiful day to shoot at Claremont Landscape Gardens in Surrey. It was my first visit, and I arrived early in order to walk around the beautiful scenery, and take note of locations to shoot around the park. The weather was certainly on our side, and Mini could not have chosen a better location to capture those perfect images of her family.

It was a pleasure to finally meet Mini and her husband Pradeep and their two beautiful little girls. Although it did take the girls a little while to warm to the idea of being centre of attention for the camera! After a quick break and something to eat for the girls, I was able to capture a bundle of smiles with lots of energy.

Trying to undertake a photoshoot with children under the age of 5 is never easy. Let's just say I did a lot of running around....which I enjoyed of course. It was capturing those candid moments that were most priceless. Children are naturals. They just get on with what they need to do, and our job is to work on their terms!

A special thank you to Mini and Prajeep for choosing me to capture those special memories. It was a great day!